Thursday, November 01, 2007

got my lucky harpoon

Cover star: The #1 Google Image result for Italian Disco

Clubhouse - Do It Again / Billie Jean (Steely Dan / Michael Jackson)

Truly horrendous Europop, all the way back from 1983. Is this one of the very first mash-ups?

From the sleevenotes to my copy of Chart Hits 83 (K-Tel - who else?!):
A strong contender for the most ingenious single of the year. The superb meshing of two songs - the traditional Do It Again (performed here a la Steely Dan) and the monster hit Billie Jean (originally by Michael Jackson of course). Another European single, this one made in Italy, but it kept the disco floors warm all over Europe.
(Actually I'd forgotten one of the worst things about this album - the sleeve is a truly eye-f**king shade of hot pink, which completely messes with your vision. As a child, I'd purposefully read the cover then put my hand on top of it and marvel at the shade of green that it had turned...)

Anyway, why am I sharing this? Because filming has begun on Episode 11 of the mighty Yacht Rock! Praise be. I cannot wait! If you don't know what that means, (a) I envy you, and (b) go and watch all 10 previous episodes immediately.

How come the concept of a mash-up is so... five-minutes ago? This next track is one of my absolute favourites. Long-time friends of The Rally will understand immediately why I like this so much...

DJ Shadow - Six Days (Soulwax Mix)

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