Monday, February 25, 2013

back from the dead??

An admission.

In July of 2009, I got an email purporting to be from Google, with a cease and desist order. This related to an old blog post, featuring some very OLD music.

When I started this MP3 blog (and that term seems very quaint and antiquated now!), I was under no illusions that what we were doing was anything other than... well, illegal. Copyright Infringement. That sort of thing.

But I sold the idea to the other members of Johnny Domino as a way for us to stay in contact with each other and maybe promote the "work" we were doing.

Anyway,  I always told myself (and my now-wife), that if I ever got a C&D order I would pull the plug.

So when it came through, I - quite frankly - freaked out and deleted all of the posts.


All the files (images and mp3s) were stored on the Johnny Domino website server, so I should have just disabled hotlinking from the blog. That way, all the writing we worked on (and all the lovely comments we received) would be safe forever.



Before I pulled the posts, I created a PDF of the whole site. And I have most of the comments as Blogger automatic-notification emails.

So - for no real reason AT ALL - I've decided to put them all online again, linking wherever possible to the songs we talked about on Spotify. I'll even add a comments digest for posts.

This will take time! And who knows? Eventually we might add some new stuff (somehow!).

But for the moment, I'm just enjoying looking back at a time when (really) pretty much all we cared about was music, before we all got married and (some of us) had kids - hilariously, this is pretty much as wild as our wild young days got.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 28, 2007

a frog who dreamed of being a king

Touch & Go Records recently launched a digital store, including many hard-to-get gems from their fantastic back catalogue. All releases from the T&G store are 256mbps mp3 format and free of any Digital Rights Management stuff. The mp3 albums are $9.99, which means that listeners in the UK currently get them for the princely sum of a fiver.

The first one I treated myself to was Killdozer's 1989 classic of "musical drudgery", 12 Point Buck!

Killdozer - New Pants and Shirt

Tortuously slow, grindingly relentless, downright hilarious - it's so cool to hear this track again. The lyrics sound to me like the words of a frustrated dandy who's stuck in the middle of nowheresville, where no-one understands his sarcasm or appreciates his dress sense. Born in a pigsty but looking at the stars and dreaming of Broadway, maybe.

The way he despairs of his mother at 2.25 makes me laugh out loud (or ROFLMAO, if you insist) every time. It's all in the delivery and the accent on the ends of words... "beD-uh" is a particular favourite.

I'm hoping that T&G will eventually make For Ladies Only available again - this was the Killdozer cover version album, featuring their glorious take on American Pie. Oxbow had this but he lost it....

Until they do, I'll content myself with the fact 12 Point Buck comes bundled with Little Baby Buntin', including this frightening version of a Neil Diamond song

Killdozer - I Am, I Said [Neil Diamond]

I love the fact that there are times throughout both these albums when you can hear the band really chomping at the bit, naturally wanting to go just a little bit faster, but holding it back. It's like a cartoon where someone's trying to stop a train going off a cliff by digging their heels in and holding on for dear life.

Buy - Killdozer 12 Point Buck / Little Baby Buntin' from Touch & Go
Visit - Touch and Go / Quarterstick Records

domino rally: 306 - 401

We recently went over the 400 mark. I told myself a while back that I'd stop posting after 400 songs but there's a few more tracks to come, don't worry!

As always, most of these tracks are long gone - if you missed anything, let me know.

306) Secret Chiefs 3 - Renunciation
307) Secret Chiefs 3 - The 3 [Ishraqiyun]
308) Secret Chiefs 3 - Anthropomorphosis: Boxleitner [Ur]
309) Marvin Gaye - You Can Leave, But It's Going To Cost You
310) Marvin Gaye - Everybody Needs Love
311) Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation
312) Miles Davis - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (live, 1970)
313) Unsane - Bath
314) Unsane - 4 Stix (Led Zepellin cover)
315) Genius/GZA - Gold
316) Van Dyke Parks - The Eagle And Me
317) The High Llamas - Sparkle Up
318) The High Llamas - Literature Is Fluff
319) The High Llamas - Peppy
320) The High Llamas - Campers In Control
321) Thin White Rope - Yoo Doo Right
322) Thin White Rope - On The Floe
323) Thin White Rope - Puppet Dog
324) Thin White Rope) Americana / The Ghost
325) More Fiends - Vinyl Grind
326) More Fiends - More Fiends Theme
327) Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man
328) Bobby Darin - Not For Me
329) Bobby Darin - Oo-ee-Train
330) Bobby Darin - Lazy River
331) Spinal Tap - Christmas with the Devil
332) Mary Margaret O'Hara - Christmas Evermore
333) The Handsome Family - So Much Wine
334) John Shuttleworth - The Christmas Ophan
335) Lisa Germano - Messages From Sophia
336) Hanna-Barbera - Dastardly And Muttley [Main Title]
337) Hanna-Barbera - The Flintstones [End Title]
338) Hanna-Barbera - Perils Of Penelope Pitstop [Main Title]
339) Hanna-Barbera - Hair Bear Bunch [Main Title]340) Hanna-Barbera - Secret Squirrel [Main Title]
341) Hanna-Barbera - Hong Kong Phooey [Main Title]
342) Hanna-Barbera - Josie & The Pussycats [Main Title]343) Hanna-Barbera - Josie & The Pussycats [End Title]
344) Hanna-Barbera - Touché Turtle [Main Title]
345) Hanna-Barbera - Wacky Races [Main Title]
346) Hanna-Barbera - Tra La La Song [Banana Splits Theme]
347) Acoustic Ladyland - New Me
348) Tripmaster Monkey - Albert's Twisted Memory Bank
349) Tripmaster Monkey - Pecola
350) Tripmaster Monkey - Depravation Test
351) The Swimmers - It's Time They Knew
352) The Swimmers - Home
353) Funkadelic - Loose Booty
354) Funkadelic - Biological Speculation
355) Funkadelic - Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time
356) Jerry Lee Lewis - Lewis Boogie
357) Jerry Lee Lewis - High School Confidential
358) Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin ' Goin' On
359) The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Juicy Jungle
360) Dialogue - Girl From S. I. N. Trailer (1966)
361) Dialogue - Strange Rampage Trailer (1967)
362) Rocky Roberts & The Airdales - The Bird's The Word (1968)
363) Animal Collective - Who Could Win a Rabbit
364) The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Choir - Kalimankou Denkou
365) Chickasaw Mudd Puppies - Nighttime (Ain't Got No Eyes)
366) Deerhoof - Wrong Time Capsule
367) Deerhoof - The Perfect Me
368) Ella Guru - Noisy Insects
369) Flatt & Scruggs - Pike County Breakdown
370) Flatt & Scruggs - I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime
371) Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart
372) His Name Is Alive - The Dirt Eaters
373) His Name Is Alive - Man On The Silver Mountain
374) The Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care
375) The Ink Spots - Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees)
376) The Ink Spots - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
377) Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock
378) Kitchens Of Distinction - The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule
379) Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Twisted
380) M|A|R|R|S - Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)
381) Nina Nastasia - Ugly Face
382) Oxes - Kaz Hayashi '01
383) Colourbox - Baby I Love You So [12"]
384) Colourbox - Hot Doggie
385) Colourbox - The Moon Is Blue
386) Faces - Pool Hall Richard
387) Liz Phair - Divorce Song
388) Liz Phair - Stratford-On-Guy
389) A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin' Out
390) Rodan - The Everyday World Of Bodies
391) Fu-Schnickens - Breakdown
392) Stereolab - We're Not Adult Orientated
393) Stereolab - The Extension Trip
394) Stereolab - How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight
395) Tarnation - The Well
396) Uncle Tupelo - Looking For A Way Out
397) Uncle Tupelo - Postcard
398) Uncle Tupelo - Moonshiner
399) Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid
400) Chet Baker - Time After Time
401) Thelonious Monk - Everything Happens To Me [Take 3]

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

this machine kills fascists

No tunes today, just a request. I'm assuming y'all are good people and that we're all enjoying this sharing thang we've got going here. So this is a request that I received from my brother-in-law.

According to the stats we have around 300 visitors everyday, so it'd be pretty cool if some of you got on board with this and helped smudge out a little bit of grimy, small-minded thuggery, thereby making the world a better place, if only for a short while. Thanks.

Over to you, Marcus:

The British National Party are planning on holding a "Red White and Blue" day in Denby [a small village outside Derby, just down the road from me] next month and are anticipating a crowd of 2,000. One of the organisers says that the event will be "peaceful", yes of course, those BNP gatherings are well known for being peaceful affairs aren't they?

We don't want the fascist BNP congregating en masse in Derbyshire.... anywhere, so I am appealing to people to do their bit to stop this from going ahead and reminding the Nazis that, despite a small-scale level of support in some villages near the M1, their presence is not wanted here. All you need to do is email Amber Valley district council and tell them you are opposed to the plan - you don't even need to live in the area to do this.

[so you can see why I thought about posting this on here...]

Remember Bradford in 2001 and the mayhem that was triggered by the BNP and National Front? There's a very real chance of this happening in either Derby or Nottingham - remember the BNP instigated all the trouble because the police gave them a free-reign on the city. We don't want this to happen again.

Here's a newslink:

Email: and tell them that you heard about the plans for the event. Even though it is to be held on private land, if the council receive enough complaints they can (and hopefully, will) stop it from taking place.

Please forward this to anyone else who you think ought to know about this, particularly people who live nearby.
Thanks a lot!

Monday, July 16, 2007

the wedding present

Friday, June 29, 2007

seal tiger unicycle

... and one month later, I finally get broadband hooked up at the new house! Hi there.

Stereolab are one of those bands that I seem to have a lot of records by, even though I don't love them (see also: Super Furry Animals). Unpacking the CDs after moving in led me to play a couple of the releases I do have.

And even though their earlier material (Switched On for example) is quite dated (does anyhody else remember Bleach?), and despite the fact that the dour-faced duo of Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier is a French & Saunders sketch waiting to happen (think about it - Dawn French as Tim, doggedly ploughing through the Roadrunner riff ad infinitum as Jennifer Saunders urges bloody revolution in a deathless somnambulent croon), I still found much to enjoy. Like this track - wherein they get off the Roadrunner riff and instead mine the end section to What Goes On to genuinely thrilling effect. Play loud for full effect.

Stereolab - We're Not Adult Oriented

They even replicate the Lou-Reed-fastest-guitarist-in-the-world rhythmic clatter from 4.46 onwards!

When I listened to their stuff again, I really enjoyed these tracks from the Music for the Amorphous Body Study Center EP.

Stereolab - The Extension Trip

Stereolab - How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight

High Llama Sean O'Hagan had appeared on many Stereolab releases by the point this came out but this sounds more like a flat-out collaboration - the arrangements are pure Hawaii to my ears, especially the strings on ...Internal Organs...

Visit - Stereolab
Buy - Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
* The Wikipedia entry for Amorphous Body Study Center makes it sound like a real rarity - I got my copy for 99p in the HMV sale back in the day. But the tracks are all on Aluminum Tunes, so get that instead.

'T' was tricky - we've already featured Talking Heads, Throwing Muses, They Might Be Giants, Thin White Rope, Thin Lizzy, Trumans Water and Tripmaster Monkey, so where else can you go?

Tarnation - The Well

But this is a track that seems to crop up pretty regularly when I'm shuffling on iTunes and it never gets moved on. I genuinely know very very little about Tarnation - follow the link to learn ... er, not much, actually.

Anyhoo, this is a great epic slice of country Gothic, featuring a truly great vocal, all swoopy and tremulous, with some resolutely wonky slide guitar. Nice.

I only got this track from Facing The Wrong Way, one of those compilation albums that record shops gave away when someone bought a related artist that featured most of the 4AD roster at the time. This was easily the best track so I don't know why (considering my well-documented penchant for most things v23) I never investigated further.

Paula Frazer, lead Tarnat-or, is still doing stuff in between bouts of professional weaving.

Visit - Paula Frazer/Tarnation
Buy - Gentle Creatures by Tarnation, the album I never did...

Uncle Tupelo were a very, very special band for me and my friends in the early 90s. It's strange, but their widescreen tales of blue-collar life in the States really struck a chord with a bunch of pasty-faced middle-class slackers. I guess it's just because they wrote fantastic, honest, heartfelt and passionate songs. Yeah, I think that was it.

Uncle Tupelo - Looking For A Way Out

History seems to have picked the acoustic version of this track as the take to anthologise, but this is the keeper for me. I suppose all countries have their small, inward-looking towns - that might have been another link. Doesn't excuse us all singing along in crap American accents, tho'...

Uncle Tupelo - Postcard

I was lucky enough to see the band in Leeds on their last UK tour as a trio - if memory serves this was the first song they played, which neatly pinned my plaid shirt to the back wall of the Duchess of York.

Uncle Tupelo - Moonshiner

Their acoustic album March 16-20, 1992 was the first album of theirs I bought - I think I read a particularly glowing review in Melody Maker so thought I'd take the plunge. Tracks like this - a great track that, intentionally of otherwise, welds Heart of Gold to a traditional song - totally won me over, especially the tiny drum fill at 2.13 that's followed by a harmonica line that heads straight for the nape of your neck.

Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid

I've written before about the fact that, when UT split, everyone expected gruff-voiced-everyman Jay Farrar to go onto glory, rather than Jeff Tweedy. And I've kind of mirrored that with the tracks I've chosen, as all except the last are Farrar songs. Having said that, if someone made me choose my favourite UT song (and it's been hard enough choosing 4 for this post), I'd have to pick New Madrid, which is a Tweedy track. If anyone has a bootleg of the mighty glam-rock version of this that Wilco played on the Being There tour, please get in touch!

BTW - ignore the naysayers. Sky Blue Sky is the best Wilco album so far, I reckon!

Visit - Uncle Tupelo
Buy - Uncle Tupelo CDs