Monday, February 25, 2013

back from the dead??

An admission.

In July of 2009, I got an email purporting to be from Google, with a cease and desist order. This related to an old blog post, featuring some very OLD music.

When I started this MP3 blog (and that term seems very quaint and antiquated now!), I was under no illusions that what we were doing was anything other than... well, illegal. Copyright Infringement. That sort of thing.

But I sold the idea to the other members of Johnny Domino as a way for us to stay in contact with each other and maybe promote the "work" we were doing.

Anyway,  I always told myself (and my now-wife), that if I ever got a C&D order I would pull the plug.

So when it came through, I - quite frankly - freaked out and deleted all of the posts.


All the files (images and mp3s) were stored on the Johnny Domino website server, so I should have just disabled hotlinking from the blog. That way, all the writing we worked on (and all the lovely comments we received) would be safe forever.



Before I pulled the posts, I created a PDF of the whole site. And I have most of the comments as Blogger automatic-notification emails.

So - for no real reason AT ALL - I've decided to put them all online again, linking wherever possible to the songs we talked about on Spotify. I'll even add a comments digest for posts.

This will take time! And who knows? Eventually we might add some new stuff (somehow!).

But for the moment, I'm just enjoying looking back at a time when (really) pretty much all we cared about was music, before we all got married and (some of us) had kids - hilariously, this is pretty much as wild as our wild young days got.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

operation grand slam

Again you find me sitting at home suffering from some dreaded lurgy or other. Ah well, at least I have another round of free downloads from eMusic with which to entertain myself.

Pussy Galore - Dick Johnson

Pussy Galore - NYC:1999

These tracks are really making me feel quite a bit better today! Rancorous, scuzzy, skronk-rock from back in the day when 'Alternative Music' actually seemed to mean something. No way would these guys end up on an advert for a mobile-phone or some lifestyle-enhancing people-carrier - complete with a special holster for yr iPod.

The only things PG could promote would be food stamps or methadone. Or they could present a TV show about ways to scavenge for food in the inner city, like a gritty, drug-soaked urban-netherworld Ray Mears.

Dick Johnson comes from an album that was originally slated to be called Make Them All Eat Sh*t Slowly. Thankfully the record label intervened and the title was changed to the much more Woolworth's-friendly Dial M for Motherf**ker.

Visit - Pussy Galore (wiki)
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Monday, August 18, 2008

new standards

Being in Italy last month meant that I missed the broadcast on Radio 3 of a recent live set and interview from The Bad Plus on BBC Radio 3. I have spoken of my love for TBP on more than one occasion so I was really chuffed when a friend managed to record the broadcast and burn me a copy, which I now share with you. I've decided not to pick and choose individual tracks as the broadcast seems to build up its own head of steam. The running order is as follows:

The Bad Plus - Live at the Jazz Cafe London, June 2008 (plus interview)
(1hr, 54 MB)

[1] Dirty Blonde (Reid Anderson)
[2] Giant (Reid Anderson)
[3] Metal (Gyorgy Ligeti)
[4] And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation (Reid Anderson)
[5] Flim (Richard D James)
[6] Have You Met Miss Jones (Rogers & Hart)
[7] Physical Cities (Reid Anderson)
plus interview

Earlier this year me and Mrs Domino finally made it over to New York - totally by chance our visit coincided with The Bad Plus' weeklong residency at the Blue Note, which is where I took the above image. It was great to go into that legendary club (smaller than you'd think) and see what is still one of my absolute favourite bands.

Even better was being in Greenwich Village the day before our visit to the Blue Note, queueing outside the Magnolia Bakery, when who should join the queue directly behind us but the mighty Dave King, mental drumming powerhouse of TBP. I'm rubbish at talking to people who I really admire but I couldn't let this past - I like to think I didn't embarrass Dave in front of his kids!

Here's a track from last year's Prog album, an interpretation of "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. Read Dave King's comments about Neil Peart here.

The Bad Plus - Tom Sawyer (Rush)

I don't have the original (whither Marc-o?) but I did find this great video. See also, Rush playing Tom Sawyer on 'Rock Band'.

Visit - The Bad Plus
Visit - Do The Math (TBP blog)
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

let's go fishing for the question

The tape this track came from is lost to the winds of time (or to my lovely brother). Whatever, this track's for Oxbow, 'cos if he hasn't got it he will love it.

This tape was made for me by Darius, ex-guitar-mangler and chief-Oasis-botherer with Derby music legends Cable - we went through a phase of going 'round each other's houses for tea and rifling through our respective record collections. Not very rock 'n' roll, I know, but some good tapes were made - well, I did OK out of the deal anyway.

As I say, this tape has long since left my possession but this track has stayed in my head for about 10 years, frequently popping up on my internal shuffle.

Kramer - I'm Your Fan

I've always thought this was a fantastic track and age has not withered it - f*cked-up chipmunk vocals, lazy strumming, tappy-tappy percussion, paint-the-sky solo and all.

Darius had the triple-LP box set of Kramer's The Guilt Trip - I can't remember if he had the album before Cable recorded their second album with Kramer in New York, or if it was a gift from the man himself.

Looking at his wiki page, I'm very interested to hear the results of Kramer's "Brill Building" project on John Zorn's Tzadik label.

All my mates work with Kramer, btw - not just Cable but Manchester's fabulous Night Jars, too. When do I get a go? Harumph.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

illness as art

The tracks in this post came from a tape called 'Illness as Art', done for me in September 1989 by a friend of mine called Nicola. I can't remember how I first got talking to her but she'd recently spent a couple of years at school in America so she seemed terribly exotic to the 16 year old me.

Her tape introduced me to lots of interesting stuff including the Dandelion Adventure, whose Puppy Shrine album I bought soon after getting the tape. However, the tracks that really stayed with me betrayed her time at school in the US, consisting of what used to be called 'College Rock'.

Camper Van Beethoven - The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon

Camper Van Beethoven - Opie Rides Again/Club Med Sucks*

* if i was being true to Nicola's compilation I'd have removed 'Opie Rides Again' as this was edited off my tape.

CVB were one of those touchstones of US alternative music in the late 80s, like Violent Femmes - for example, I'd heard of 'Take The Skinheads Bowling' long before I ever heard it.

The Feelies - It's Only Life

This was the other stand-out track from this tape (via Shallyboy's music, not available on eMusic). That's a heck of a Lou Reed affectation on the vocal - the influence further underlined on the rollicking cover of "What Goes On" later on in the album. On the whole they're like a US Echo & The Bunnymen - Marc-o, if you're out there, is this the Paisley Underground?

Visit - Camper Van Beethoven
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Image from here

Friday, July 25, 2008

drop me in for the badda-das

Bad News was the spoof New Wave of British Heavy Metal band featured in the first series of The Comic Strip Presents... This metal spoof was in production at the same time as This Is Spinal Tap.

Obviously Tap has had more long-term success but Bad News put a quintessentially English-toilet-circuit spin onto the pretensions of musicians, heavy metal or otherwise. Sometimes they overdid the 'we can't play our instruments' jokes but anyone who has ever been in a band (especially one that has been in a recording studio) will wince in recognition at some of the studio dialogue here.

The lines 'drop me in for the badda-das' and 'I've never had to move my arm up and down so many times in my life' definitely passed into Johnny Domino lexicon.

Bad News - Excalibur

Bad News - Warriors Of Genghis Khan

Bad News - Hey Mr Bassman

The characters were in the main extensions of the Young Ones archetypes - Ade Edmondson's Vim Fuego had the same barely-controlled rage as Vyv (just slightly more coherent), Rik Mayall's Colin Grigson was self-important, effete and pretentious in the same way as Rick, and Nigel Planer is just as dopey being Den Dennis as he was as Neil.

It's pretty clear that the Bad News boys had been listening to the infamous, hilarious Trogg Tapes. For more band-based shenanigans see also Father Ted's A Song for Europe - "play the f**king note!"

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