Monday, February 25, 2013

back from the dead??

An admission.

In July of 2009, I got an email purporting to be from Google, with a cease and desist order. This related to an old blog post, featuring some very OLD music.

When I started this MP3 blog (and that term seems very quaint and antiquated now!), I was under no illusions that what we were doing was anything other than... well, illegal. Copyright Infringement. That sort of thing.

But I sold the idea to the other members of Johnny Domino as a way for us to stay in contact with each other and maybe promote the "work" we were doing.

Anyway,  I always told myself (and my now-wife), that if I ever got a C&D order I would pull the plug.

So when it came through, I - quite frankly - freaked out and deleted all of the posts.


All the files (images and mp3s) were stored on the Johnny Domino website server, so I should have just disabled hotlinking from the blog. That way, all the writing we worked on (and all the lovely comments we received) would be safe forever.



Before I pulled the posts, I created a PDF of the whole site. And I have most of the comments as Blogger automatic-notification emails.

So - for no real reason AT ALL - I've decided to put them all online again, linking wherever possible to the songs we talked about on Spotify. I'll even add a comments digest for posts.

This will take time! And who knows? Eventually we might add some new stuff (somehow!).

But for the moment, I'm just enjoying looking back at a time when (really) pretty much all we cared about was music, before we all got married and (some of us) had kids - hilariously, this is pretty much as wild as our wild young days got.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

and in other news...

I've taken part in the latest edition of the mighty Contrast Podcast - go there now and listen to me ruminating on My Favourite 45.

I'm talking about Deep Purple by Nino Tempo & April Stevens - this is something that I wrote about a long time ago. An anonymous commenter recently asked me to repost the single's B-side, so here it is!

Nino Tempo & April Stevens - I've Been Carrying A Torch For You So Long That I Burned A Great Big Hole In My Heart

In other news, Spoilt Victorian Child is back back BACK! Go there NOW and shake them firmly by the hand - still class! 

it's getting funky 'round here

I'm probably the least qualified person in the world to talk about the funk (or Da Phonque). But I've recently rediscovered Funkadelic's amazing fourth album, America Eats Its Young.

Now, I came to funk music pretty late in my musical eduction (adolescent suspicion of music that sounds like the band are having fun, perhaps?), but listening to it the other night I was again struck by their use of SPACE - the funk and rhythmic hiccups are in the gaps where no-one is playing. Plus I love the fact that guitarist Harold Beane can just hang out on that great spiky 7th chord all the way through "Loose Booty" without it getting dull.

Funkadelic - Loose Booty

This was the first album to really benefit from Bootsy Collins' amazing timing, like on this track - the whole rhythm section is totally relentless and unstoppable. Plus there's some funky "Jew's Harp" on there and the amazing keyboards of Bernie Worrell.
America... is seen as a transitional Funkadelic album by those in the know, taking nearly two years to record as the original line-up was falling to pieces at the time (the album was recorded in 3 cities and features over 30 musicians). It was also where George Clinton took complete artistic control which is probably why the album is - in the best possible way - all over the place. They even invented a new genre on this track - Funktry and Western, no?
Funkadelic - Biological Speculation

My favourite track on the album is the mental psychedelic gospel workout, "Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time". This song is crazy.

Funkadelic - Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time

They practically throw everything at this track, a huge arrangement with massed backing vocals. The lead vocal is something else entirely - an occasional touch of the "Sexual Chocolate"s there, methinks.

But it's still utterly engrossing and strangely moving and uplifting. There's a beautiful liquid guitar break at 3.10, but by the end of the track it sounds like the end of the world in there. One of those tracks where you could quite happily listen to the coda section go on forever in a Hey Jude stylee.

Buy - America Eats Its Young
Visit - Funkadelic on Wikipedia
Visit - Funkadelic at the Motherpage

PS - the title of this post is from a song by Stax-Volt recording artists Black Nasty - I may have to post that someday...

GRUMBLE - I recently migrated to New Blogger which works fine most of the time, but with a few occasional glitch fests - most notably, the migration completely spanked the Feedburner site feed and now every time I edit an old post (to remove links to files that aren't on the server anymore) the post gets added to the feed as a new item.

So if you visit an old post and the link to the file doesn't work, it's probably because the file ain't there anymore - apologies. If you're desperate for something, however, we have been known to take requests... which reminds me...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

you will never be alone as long as you can make it home

Every now and again here at The Rally, we get emails from bands, labels and publishers, trying to get themselves and their latest charges featured on the blog - you may scoff, but judging by the emails this is some prime real estate you're looking at right now. A favourite was the email offering me tickets to a showcase gig at the South By Southwest festival - unfortunately they wouldn't stretch to airfare and accommodation but it doesn't hurt to ask...

Not many of these bands have inspired me to write about them, but last week I got an unassuming email from The Swimmers of Philadelphia, asking if I wanted to download a copy of their unreleased album, "Fighting Trees". Well, why not...

The Swimmers - It's Time They Knew

The Swimmers - Home

I think it's a great album - bits of Summerteeth-era-Wilco, Beach Boys, The Shins and Arcade Fire in there - frontman Steve Yutzy-Burkey has a touch of the Jason Lytle's about him, too. Man, I don't know about you, but every now and then I just need me some grade-A, pounding, anthemic American indie-repeato-rock and this more than fits the bill. What do you think?

The album will hopefully be out sometime in the Spring - no date as yet, but until then visit their MySpace and befriend them. They have some US dates planned over the next month, too, if you're out that way.

I'm hoping that Marc-o gets a chance to hear these 'cos I think he'd love 'em - especially the needly Juno lead bit on "Home".

One of the reasons I'm posting these is to celebrate the latest addition to the ever expanding legion of Johnny Domino fans - we're giving birth to 'em one at a time! Big love to Marc-o and Claire xxx

Visit - The Swimmers website
Visit - The Swimmers MySpace

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i *heart* le jazz hot

What better way to start off the New Year than with a good solid blast of what is technically called skronk or skwee-bo. Mmm-mm, time for some abstract punky-jazz shit to blow that dust out of your ears! This sounds like a merry-go-round for psychotic e-numbered-up asbo's.

Acoustic Ladyland - New Me

This is off the last new album I got in 2006, Acoustic Ladyland's latest, Skinny Grin. Is it jazz or is it hardcore punk? Whatever, I think they've been listening to some John Zorn/Naked City - which is no bad thing, obviously. After listening to this, I feel like my third eye has been squeegeed quite clean.

Check Pete Wareham's glorious sax burbles at 0.42 and 0.46, followed by a full on step-on-a-duck moment at 0.52 during the slow grinder section. His playing then gradually mutates into the sound of a fat man on a space-hopper swallowing a duck-call. The spirit of Chick Corea at the Filmore West circa 1971 appears during the rabid distorted Rhodes solo at 1.30, which leads into the race for the finish. Says all it needs to say in 2.22.

As this is the second track, there is a danger that the album peaks a little early but it's well worth checking out. Some great drumming as always when Seb "Hair Bear Bunch" Roachford is involved - I managed to see him in his Polar Bear guise last year which was fantastic. Tour again soon, please!

Buy - Skinny Grin
Visit - Acoustic Ladyland

Thursday, January 04, 2007

music from other sources

Things have obviously gotten a wee bit quiet over the festive period. Normal service will resume soon (i.e. - the one-man group blog of the past couple of months...!) so until then here are a few places to get you free music fix (other than the plentiful links in the sidebar which you should be checking out anyway).

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to the great Daytrotter site. This features writing, illustrations as well as exclusive sessions from bands, recorded live in their very own studio. They're not very keen on people deep-linking to files (who is?) or re-hosting the files themselves but you should be visiting the site yourself, really.

Here are links to a few of my favourite sessions and they're all belters:

Langhorne Slim...

Bonnie Prince Billy...

Hockey Night...

and Nina Nastasia.

Very nice I'm sure you'll all agree.

If you want something a bit more arsequaking, I was chuffed to find that the mighty Butthole Surfers have made all of their classic Double Live semi-official bootleg available to download here.

We borrowed this off of a mate years ago and it's particularly good to hear The One I Love and Psychedelic Jam again after all these years.

Happy huntin'!