Monday, February 25, 2013

back from the dead??

An admission.

In July of 2009, I got an email purporting to be from Google, with a cease and desist order. This related to an old blog post, featuring some very OLD music.

When I started this MP3 blog (and that term seems very quaint and antiquated now!), I was under no illusions that what we were doing was anything other than... well, illegal. Copyright Infringement. That sort of thing.

But I sold the idea to the other members of Johnny Domino as a way for us to stay in contact with each other and maybe promote the "work" we were doing.

Anyway,  I always told myself (and my now-wife), that if I ever got a C&D order I would pull the plug.

So when it came through, I - quite frankly - freaked out and deleted all of the posts.


All the files (images and mp3s) were stored on the Johnny Domino website server, so I should have just disabled hotlinking from the blog. That way, all the writing we worked on (and all the lovely comments we received) would be safe forever.



Before I pulled the posts, I created a PDF of the whole site. And I have most of the comments as Blogger automatic-notification emails.

So - for no real reason AT ALL - I've decided to put them all online again, linking wherever possible to the songs we talked about on Spotify. I'll even add a comments digest for posts.

This will take time! And who knows? Eventually we might add some new stuff (somehow!).

But for the moment, I'm just enjoying looking back at a time when (really) pretty much all we cared about was music, before we all got married and (some of us) had kids - hilariously, this is pretty much as wild as our wild young days got.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, October 08, 2006

domino rally: 203-305

Without me realising it, we've gone over the 300-track mark. Here's a list of what we've written about recently - I'm listening to them as I write this, it's a pretty weird mix! (Is it really that long since we heard from Jim and Oxbow?! For shame!)
Many of these tracks are long gone so please read the posts and support the artists involved by buying their records. Cheers.

203) Palace Brothers - "Ohio Riverboat Song"
204) Palace Brothers - "Don't I Look Good Today"
205) Inner City - "Good Life"
206) Kim Fowley - "The Trip"
207) Kim Fowley - "Beautiful People"
208) Primal Scream - "Sonic Sister Love"
209) Primal Scream - "Imperial"
210) Sonic Youth - "The World Looks Red"
211) Sonic Youth - "Shaking Hell"
212) Huey 'Piano' Smith and The Clowns - "Don't You Just Know It"
213) Shirley and Lee - "Feels So Good"
214) Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - "Ain't Got No Home"
215) Franco Godi - "Mr Rossi theme (aka Viva Happiness)"
216) 3rd Bass - "Sons Of 3rd Bass"
217) 3rd Bass - "Product Of The Environment"
218) Yello - "Oh Yeah"
219) Yello - "Bananas To The Beat"
220) Yello - "Night Flanger"
221) Let's Active - "Every Word Means No"
222) Jason Falkner - "Follow Me"
223) Brendan Benson - "Folk Singer"
224) Marvin Gaye - "Clique Games/Rick James (Original Version of "Midnight Lady")"
225) Marvin Gaye - "Sexual Healing (Original Vocal)"
226) Marvin Gaye - "Marvin's Message to CBS Records Staff"
227) The Go-Betweens - "Cattle And Cane"
228) The Go-Betweens - "Bye, Bye Pride"
229) The Go-Betweens - "Apology Accepted"
230) Donny Hathaway - "You've Got A Friend (live)"
231) Rush - "Freewill"
232) The Spinto Band - "Brown Boxes"
233) The Spinto Band - "Oh Mandy"
234) David Bowie - "Magic Dance (from 'Labyrinth' OST)"
235) David Bowie - "Port Of Amsterdam (B-side of "Sorrow)"
236) David Bowie - "Growin' Up (Previously Unrealeased Track from the Pin Ups Sessions)"
237) Thin Lizzy - "Don't Believe A Word"
238) Belle & Sebastian - "I'm A Cuckoo"
239) Phoenix - "Rally"
240) The Beach Boys - "Be Here In The Morning"
241) The Beach Boys - "Busy Doin' Nothin'"
242) The Beach Boys - "Anna Lee, The Healer"
243) The Beach Boys - "Transcendental Meditation"
244) The Lemonheads - "It's A Shame About Ray"
245) The Lemonheads - "Alison's Starting To Happen"
246) Codeine - "Pickup Song"
247) Codeine - "D"
248) Idaho - "Skyscrape"
249) Pierre Etoile (Damon & Naomi of Galaxie 500) - "Nineteen Sixty-Nine"
250) Medeski, Martin & Wood - "We Are Rolling"
251) Medeski, Martin & Wood - "Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus"
252) They Might Be Giants - "Birdhouse In Your Soul"
253) Athlete - "El Salvador"
254) Athlete - "You Got The Style"
255) Miles Davis (orchestration by Gil Evans) - "My Ship"
256) Miles Davis (orchestration by Gil Evans) - "Summertime"
257) The Jack Rubies - "Lobster"
258) Mighty Mighty - "Is there anyone out there?"
259) Bob - "Kirsty"
260) Mighty Mighty - "Built Like A Car"
261) Petra Haden - "God Only Knows"
262) Petra Haden - "Armenia City In the Sky"
263) Miles Davis - "Straight, No Chaser"
264) Miles Davis - "Milestones"
265) Coconut Monkeyrocket - "Shopping For Explosives"
266) Coconut Monkeyrocket - "Accidental Beatnik"
267) Victor Banana - "Strange Things Are Happening"
268) Victor Banana - "Here Comes Santa"
269) Victor Banana - "Shiver Me Timbers"
270) Victor Banana - "Iamatology Walking Through Lineal Theanthropism"
271) Neil Smythe - "Butterscotch Sunday"
272) The Beatles - "Some Other Guy"
273) The Kaisers - "She's Gonna Two Time"
274) The Kaisers - "She's Only Doggin' Round"
275) The Muppets - "Mahna Mahna"
276) The Muppets - "Pachalafaka"
277) The Muppets - "Halfway Down The Stairs"
278) Shack - "Byrds Turn to Stone"
279) Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - "Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?"
280) Shack - "A House is not a Motel"
281) Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds - "I Don't Like Heavy Metal"
282) Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds - "I Don't Like The Jazz (I Like Heavy Metal)"
283) Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds - "Dr In XXX Shocker"
284) The June Brides - "Every Conversation"
285) Eric Matthews - "Fanfare"
286) XTC - "Miniature Sun"
287) John Coltrane - "Alabama"
288) Julee Cruise - "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart"
289) Julee Cruise - "The World Spins"
290) Jimmy Scott - "Sycamore Trees (from 'Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me' OST)"
291) Los Bravos - "I Want A Name"
292) Little Eva - "He Is The Boy"
293) Curtis Lee - "Gee How I Wish You Were Here"
294) Roxy Music - "Editions of You"
295) Brian Eno - "The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch"
296) Miles Davis - "So What (live at The Plugged Nickel, 23 December 1965)"
297) Young People - "The Night Of The Hunter"
298) Split Enz - "My Mistake"
299) Split Enz - "Six Months In A Leaky Boat"
300) Talking Heads - "The Great Curve"
301) Meat Puppets - "Automatic Mojo"
302) Meat Puppets - "Cotton Candy Land"
303) Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "Master & Everyone"
304) Henry Mancini - "A Shot In The Dark"
305) Henry Mancini - "Peter Gunn"

Thursday, October 05, 2006

he really is a groovy cat...

We're talking seminal moments in musical development again here...

It's a 1970's Saturday afternoon - me and Ox are at our Grandma's. We've just finished watching the wrestling on World Of Sport (presented by Dickie Davies) so we turn the TV over double-quick to watch a Pink Panther cartoon - the series where in the opening credits the kid drives a massive car to the Chinese theatre and the Pink Panther gets out the back. I was always dead jealous of that kid - for driving the big car rather than being a snooty cartoon animal's skivvie. I particularly loved the Inspector Clouseau stories...

Henry Manicini - A Shot In The Dark

... which used the theme to A Shot In The Dark throughout.

I was reminded of this at JD rehearsal last night when I started playing the riff and found it totally impossible to stop - it's one of those great riffs that goes round and round in a loop and it's addictive and difficult to stop (apologies to the other band members).

Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn

Mancini wrote some fantastic stuff and listening to these tunes today I was struck by how amazing and wild they sound - there are sections of Peter Gunn where it sounds like something Charlie Mingus would have put on The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady - the talking brass parts and organised chaos going on under the solos, in particular (back me up here, jazz-bo's...).

Like most cartoon characters, the Pink Panther was RUBBISH when he started talking...

Can anyone help me out with the other characters above? Vaguely remember the anteater...

Buy - The Best of Henri Mancini
Visit - Henry Mancini on Wikipedia

Thursday, September 28, 2006

live is life

Our friend and occasional commenter Frankie Machine has started up his own mp3 blog, Frankosonic. Well worth checking out (this Frank Sinatra post is particularly good), I'm also enjoying his series of posts about the best gigs he's ever seen.

It made me think, why are there so few Live Rock albums that bear up to repeated listening? Case in point: Wilco are responsible for two of the very best gigs I've ever seen - so why do I NEVER listen to "Kicking Television"?

Looking at my collection there really aren't that many that I would listen to regularly. However, some have already featured on The Rally and here are some more favourites - see you at the back, all the better to watch the band with minimum disruption! (TRUE FACT: the closest I've ever got to being in a mosh was at a Galaxie 500 gig...)

Talking Heads - The Great Curve (live 1982)

Most people of taste have got "Stop Making Sense" in one form or other, but "The Name Of This Band Is..." is also worth getting hold of. It features live recordings from 1977 to 1981, following the band from whey-faced New York art-school aesthetes to the expanded, 10-piece minimalist-voodoo-funk band of the "Remain In Light" tour, where this cut is from. For a start, this band is super-super-tight, playing their intricately intertwining lines with real precision to make a great big rhythmic mesh. I find the bass playing on this track totally hypnotic. This is the kind of live-band I want Johnny Domino to be... with a little bit of...

Meat Puppets - Automatic Mojo (live 1988)

Meat Puppets - Cotton Candy Land (live 1988)

In an earlier post I said that the Meat Puppets stopped being of interest to me after "Up On The Sun" in 1985... well, this album is bloody great, so never mind.

I love the looseness but you can tell they're still fantastic musicians. There are some great examples of the turn-on-a-halfpence hardcore chops that they'd built-up on their first album (especially on "Automatic Mojo" - what a great guitar solo!). There are also some real head-scratching bits of banter... Love the fact that they can do gigs with songs like that as well as "Cotton Candy Land" - again, say I, what a great guitar solo! Marvellous stuff.

Well worth getting this album for the version of "Maiden's Milk" (which is taken at double-speed) and the truly disturbing sound of Cris Kirkwood telling you to "pull your panties down" so he can stick his "uh-uh-uh" in you (from "S.W.A.T. (Get Down)")... *shivers*

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Master & Everyone (live)

Bonnie "Prince" Billy is one of those artists who I sometimes get the feeling is taking the piss out of his audience... I'm thinking in particular of the bloody awful "BPB sings Greatest Palace Music" album, which I took as a PERSONAL INSULT. Especially the dreadful version of "I Send My Love To You" and the hidden extra track... of silence. Cheers, Will.

But "Summer In the Southeast", which came out last year is fantastic - It sounds like he's actually having a laugh, as opposed to laughing at his followers. At it's best it sounds like Crazy Horse or Bob Dylan. With a bit of Krautrock thrown in for good measure. It's heavy and loose and psychedelic and good fun!

Buy - 'The Name of This Band is Talking Heads'
Buy - Meat Puppets - 'Live in Montana'
Buy - Bonnie "Prince" Billy - 'Summer In The Southeast'

Visit - Talking Heads
Visit - Meat Puppets
Visit - Royal Stable

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Band of Brothers

It must have seemed a good idea at the time, it was the seventies and theatricality was all the rage but did it put the punters off? I'm referring to Split Enz bizarre appearance, very original and a good laugh for all concerned but did it distract attention from two great songwriters, Neil and Tim Finn.

Split Enz- My Mistake

'My Mistake' really makes me smile, the twists and turns of the arrangement, the fairground ooompah of the rhythms and dissonances, you can tell somebody clever is at work here. At the same time it's recognisably pop music. Once Neil Finn had joined, Split Enz got more 'Noo Wave', 'I Got You' is a pop classic but to me their high point is 'Six Months In A Leaky Boat'

Split Enz- Six Months In A Leaky Boat

This caused great controversy as it was accused of being a sarcastic reference to the Falklands War, it was recorded in January '82, before the war but if the cap fits...To me this song finds Split Enz using the sounds from their homeland, New Zealand. It's a great singalong but it has a lovely widescreen sweep to it. The Finn Brothers have never been cool but their collective scrapbook of songs should impress even the most cynical and jaded.

Split Enz Fansite

The Finn Brothers

Buy The Best of Split Enz


marc-o, you're mental - thanks for these, never heard 'em before.

'my mistake' = the "chorlton and the wheelies" theme tune
'six months...' = "johnny and mary" as played by Grandaddy

you know i have a soft spot for the Finn's on the QT... yes, they're clever (and, let's be honest, a bit "Driving With Dad") but they're overriding pop-nous stops their best songs from being strictly academic ventures, or the results of a Paul McCartney fan-club songwriting workshop...

i'll get mi coat... 

Spot on with the Grandaddy bit...arpeggiators set to stun.

Nothing wrong with Split Enz. "I got you. That's all I want.''

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

rip svc

So late last week, Spoilt Victorian Child closed it's doors. It's safe to say that if it hadn't been for that site, we wouldn't be doing this (is that a good thing or not...). It was the first 'proper' mp3 blog I'd come across and I remember feeling right at home when I saw the list of recommended albums in the right hand column, which included Faust and Billy Joel. Hey! it was even named after a Fall song!

The blog was started by Simon, who I've never met, but who has always been really encouraging and supportive of us and everything we've done - I know that a lot of blogs that started up in the wake of SVC feel the same way. Simon even included a Johnny Domino track way back in the heady days of 2004.

I heard and re-heard a lot of great stuff because of SVC and this is one of my favourite tracks that the site introduced me to. Good luck to Simon and all the Spoilt Victorian Children in whatever they do in the future.

Young People - Night of the Hunter

I ordered the Young People album 'War Prayers' from Dim Mak following a post on SVC and very nice it is too. However, nothing quite beats the demented party atmosphere of this track (which perfectly captures the completely bizarre nature of the film) - great smoky vocals, funky brass and music-therapy accompaniment. Plus it's got a talky bit (more songs need talky bits...). Other Young People stuff I've heard since has been a bit grumpy and arty - this is nice and loose and stoopid.

Imagine my surprise when, about a week or so after receiving my copy through the post, I got ANOTHER copy. And here it is, still in it's cellophane wrapping.

Who want's it? Drop me a line! Seriously, I've been trying to think of a good way to shift it for ages.

Call it a competition, if you will. First person to email me their address (don't leave it in the comments, m'dears) get's it FREE.


Read the original SVC post about this track here.

(PS - I got the great photo above from this site.)

Visit - Young People
Visit - Dim Mak records
Visit Dim Mak store and get 'War Prayers by Young People
Pay your respects - at SVC