Sunday, July 05, 2009

butt metal

Something a little different here, something which proves that bad language is often at it's funniest when it's bleeped out.

The first time I was aware of the comedic possibilities of the radio edit was when Wu Tang Clan's Gravel Pit was released as a single - the version that was played on UK radio used all manner of bizarre sound-effects (horns, fart noises, bells and various clangs) to cover up the Wu's effing and jeffing. It was brilliant.

I first came across this nutso Heavy Metal parody whilst flicking through the music channels one morning. It's the sheer variety of the noises used that makes it for me - backwards masking, car horns, comedy claxons, inappropriate squeals of guitar and lyrics, panthers growling, to name but a few.

And it gets worse as it goes on, becoming more or less incomprehensible by the time of the third verse. I recorded this off the TV - I didn't know you could buy it, but it's on the iTunes version of the EP, along with *ahem* I Want Your Tits.

Steel Panther - Death to All but Metal (clean video version)


When you eventually hear the uncensored version, it's pretty disappointing to find that what's being covered up is lots of lame talk about balls and the sucking thereof. Ho hum.

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