Tuesday, September 02, 2008

operation grand slam

Again you find me sitting at home suffering from some dreaded lurgy or other. Ah well, at least I have another round of free downloads from eMusic with which to entertain myself.

Pussy Galore - Dick Johnson

Pussy Galore - NYC:1999

These tracks are really making me feel quite a bit better today! Rancorous, scuzzy, skronk-rock from back in the day when 'Alternative Music' actually seemed to mean something. No way would these guys end up on an advert for a mobile-phone or some lifestyle-enhancing people-carrier - complete with a special holster for yr iPod.

The only things PG could promote would be food stamps or methadone. Or they could present a TV show about ways to scavenge for food in the inner city, like a gritty, drug-soaked urban-netherworld Ray Mears.

Dick Johnson comes from an album that was originally slated to be called Make Them All Eat Sh*t Slowly. Thankfully the record label intervened and the title was changed to the much more Woolworth's-friendly Dial M for Motherf**ker.

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