Thursday, May 07, 2009

bad boys of indie-pop

How odd - I've just realised that Domino Rally is, with this post, 201 posts old - not too shabby, I reckon.

eMusic keeps on sending me offers and I keep signing up for another month. And then I download really odd things that I thought I'd never hear again. Case in point:

Golden Dawn - George Hamilton's Dead

Yet another track from a tape by the Archdeacon of Pop. Archie was WELL into his Sarah records stuff when we were playing together in a noisy proto-grunge outfit. We used to rehearse at full volume in his bedroom (while his folks watched the telly across the hall). When we had a break, Arch would break out the biscuits and orange squash (phew! rock 'n' roll, eh?) and play us selections from his massive record collection.

I would sometime come out in a twee-allergic rash but I've always remembered this odd little band and their (and I quote), "awesomely ragged, feedback-riddled singles".

I like the fact that they got dropped when Sarah didn't like the tracks they put forward for their third single - too noisy? too sloppy and unprofessional?

The real pain is that eMusic didn't have the other side of this single which was a cracker; if memory serves it was called something like Honey, Let's Build a Dysonsphere. They did have their first single, however.

Golden Dawn - My Secret World

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