Thursday, June 30, 2005

sensitive skins

Skinstorm - Bradford

Most people who recognise this song will know the rather perfunctory version that Morrissey put out as the B-side to one of those singles that he seemed to release every week in the '90's. No doubt a Mozzer completist will be able to tell me which one! Bradford were from Blackburn, their USP was that they were Harrington wearing, Ben Shermanned and Sta-prest Skinheads. They touted the kind of soulful guitar pop that got swept away by the Madchester thing. They were also saddled with that ultimate kiss of death, Morrissey endorsed them in the music press!

This song is that rare thing from a white guitar's about making lurve! Let's drop the imaginary inverted commas, it's about sex. You could chuck a stick in the late '80's and hit an Indie band singing romantic subject matter but it was usually David Gedge banging on about some stranger's hands on his favourite dress..ohhhhh!

This to me is a bit different, sure it's sensitively handled and idealised but it has a soul like Dexy's or The Jam which makes it a cut above a comtemporary band like, say, The Bodines. It certainly takes me to another time and place.

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