Sunday, November 27, 2005

the crown jools

I sometimes ask myself, why am I posting these songs?

Sometimes it's the idea to share something that I think people won't have heard before, sometimes it's pure vanity. In this case it's taking something that's probably very familiar and saying 'listen to this again, it's bloody brilliant!' Such is the case with these two Squeeze singles.

Squeeze- Pulling Muscles (from the shell)

'Pulling Muscles (from the shell)' and 'Is that Love?' capture the genius of Squeeze, smart songwriting, clever wordplay and a story. It all sounds so simple but actually it's really difficult. These songs are full of neat little arranging tricks and musical twists, the guitar and piano breaks are real treats. At the same time it's not smug or too knowing, clever songwriting can be. You get a critical view of England but also an affectionate one.

Squeeze- Is that Love?

The other thing that occured to me about these songs was GlenTilbrook's voice. Mike Love of 'The Beach Boys' is often reviled by musicians but he has a great 'radio' voice, it cuts through on bad speakers and instantly grabs your attention. Debbie Harry also has this as does Glen Tilbrook, he opens his mouth and you know you're going to get a POP song.

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