Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Someone to drag me round Chelsea Girl

Recently a student from my old University rang me in the hope of getting a donation, instead the poor young woman was treated to the thoughts of Chairman Marc-o. I ranted about state funded education and the scab behaviour of students during the recent lecturers strike (since when was getting a dissertation marked more important than somebody’s livelihood, Thatcher’s children or what?) Anyway, before I’m off on one again this all set me thinking about the days when Student’s Unions would put bands on which you would drunkenly appreciate on subsidised beer. The next day you’d be off to the record shop to buy what was then my favoured format, the 4 track 12 inch EP. A nice big cover, 4 songs and cheap, I have lots of them but these tracks are some of my favourites from this period. None of these bands set the world alight musically but they provided me with fun nights out and tunes that have stayed with me.

Bob- Kirsty

Mighty Mighty- Is there anyone out there

Mighty Mighty- Built like a Car

The Jack Rubies- Lobster

It seems that the University circuit is all but gone today (forgive me if I'm wrong) and a large number of brand new Mini Coopers screech out of my local University these days...Ho Hum. You can keep your credit cards and the house bought by your Mum and Dad and give me a bottle of Newcastle Brown in each hand, a sticky dancefloor and some daft pop songs anyday.

Bob and The Jack Rubies are long deleted, try Ebay

Mighty Mighty can be found at Vinyl Japan



Thank you so much for posting these. I had my Mighty Mighty records (12inch records, 4 tunes, 79p, Hurrah!) pinched - well drukenly lent to someone, can't remember who, never returned, it's as good as pinched. I do remember watching the likes of Bob, The Brilliant Corners, The Soup Dragons, Mighty Mighty etc. for not much clutching a bottle of Double Maxim, dancing at the back of the bar at Newcastle Poly. Oh and you are so right about the state of studentdom. I went to see The Go Team at Newcastle Uni this year and even though my student days are 15 plus years ago I did not feel like an elder statesman at all. It was more lecturers than students. They were all out waxing their cars - either that or doing 3 jobs to try and pay off their debt.

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