Wednesday, September 20, 2006

rip svc

So late last week, Spoilt Victorian Child closed it's doors. It's safe to say that if it hadn't been for that site, we wouldn't be doing this (is that a good thing or not...). It was the first 'proper' mp3 blog I'd come across and I remember feeling right at home when I saw the list of recommended albums in the right hand column, which included Faust and Billy Joel. Hey! it was even named after a Fall song!

The blog was started by Simon, who I've never met, but who has always been really encouraging and supportive of us and everything we've done - I know that a lot of blogs that started up in the wake of SVC feel the same way. Simon even included a Johnny Domino track way back in the heady days of 2004.

I heard and re-heard a lot of great stuff because of SVC and this is one of my favourite tracks that the site introduced me to. Good luck to Simon and all the Spoilt Victorian Children in whatever they do in the future.

Young People - Night of the Hunter

I ordered the Young People album 'War Prayers' from Dim Mak following a post on SVC and very nice it is too. However, nothing quite beats the demented party atmosphere of this track (which perfectly captures the completely bizarre nature of the film) - great smoky vocals, funky brass and music-therapy accompaniment. Plus it's got a talky bit (more songs need talky bits...). Other Young People stuff I've heard since has been a bit grumpy and arty - this is nice and loose and stoopid.

Imagine my surprise when, about a week or so after receiving my copy through the post, I got ANOTHER copy. And here it is, still in it's cellophane wrapping.

Who want's it? Drop me a line! Seriously, I've been trying to think of a good way to shift it for ages.

Call it a competition, if you will. First person to email me their address (don't leave it in the comments, m'dears) get's it FREE.


Read the original SVC post about this track here.

(PS - I got the great photo above from this site.)

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