Tuesday, October 31, 2006

spooky tooth

Ho hum, it's Halloween and blogs the world over are posting relevant tunes - songs about death and ghosts and such like. (especially the mighty Spread The Good Word)

Here's some more scary shit right now. Get behind the sofa.

Unsane - Bath

Unsane - 4 Stix (Led Zepellin cover)

Golly, these chaps are very grumpy. Unsane were (in)famous for having police photos depicting the aftermath of murders and suicides on their record covers - whooo, scary, eh?

Or is it? In their attempt to sound like serial killers, they come across as... well, a bit stroppy. I used to love Unsane but really, lads, there's nothing hard about playing loud electric guitars, is there? Calm down, eh? Having said that, still love that version of "Four Sticks".

Genius/GZA - Swordsman

Now this young man certainly is rather cross, isn't he? At least the music is scary. Classic Wu-Tang spin-off here, the album is interspersed with dialogue from chop-socky films and the like.

Again, trying to put the wind up you but not quite there. Nice try, tho'...

Nah if you want REALLY terrifying stuff, any fool knows that it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for, yes?

Van Dyke Parks - The Eagle And Me

Not content with sending Brian Wilson careering over the edge of sanity, Van Dyke released Song Cycle, an album that sends right-thinking people everywhere screaming into the basement - this track was a single, for gawd's sake... Van Dyke looks as though his clothes were chosen for him by his mother. And then he killed her. Just wrong.

Please, don't have nightmares...

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