Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i *heart* le jazz hot

What better way to start off the New Year than with a good solid blast of what is technically called skronk or skwee-bo. Mmm-mm, time for some abstract punky-jazz shit to blow that dust out of your ears! This sounds like a merry-go-round for psychotic e-numbered-up asbo's.

Acoustic Ladyland - New Me

This is off the last new album I got in 2006, Acoustic Ladyland's latest, Skinny Grin. Is it jazz or is it hardcore punk? Whatever, I think they've been listening to some John Zorn/Naked City - which is no bad thing, obviously. After listening to this, I feel like my third eye has been squeegeed quite clean.

Check Pete Wareham's glorious sax burbles at 0.42 and 0.46, followed by a full on step-on-a-duck moment at 0.52 during the slow grinder section. His playing then gradually mutates into the sound of a fat man on a space-hopper swallowing a duck-call. The spirit of Chick Corea at the Filmore West circa 1971 appears during the rabid distorted Rhodes solo at 1.30, which leads into the race for the finish. Says all it needs to say in 2.22.

As this is the second track, there is a danger that the album peaks a little early but it's well worth checking out. Some great drumming as always when Seb "Hair Bear Bunch" Roachford is involved - I managed to see him in his Polar Bear guise last year which was fantastic. Tour again soon, please!

Buy - Skinny Grin
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