Friday, December 23, 2005

daisy christmas

It's taken me ages to come up with a decent Christmas post, until I realised that I bloody love Christmas. So here's a rump-shakin', head-noddin', EGG-NOGGIN' block party anthem. Turn it up loud!

De La Soul - Simply

OK. I know the lyrics make it clear that this is a summer party anthem, but the whole thing is based on "Wonderful Christmas Time" by Wings! Plus I seem to remember the album came out just before Christmas 2001, so it stays.

However, this next track is a Christmas tune of an altogether darker hue.

De La Soul - Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa

De La Soul really blew my mind when I first heard them - being a wet white boy from the East Midlands, I can honestly say I'd never heard anything like "3 Feet High & Rising" and I know I'm not alone in that.

De La continue to churn out the good stuff - to, seemingly, mass indifference! "Mille.." is from the all-too-often-overlooked follow-up to "3 Feet..", "De La Soul Is Dead" - a great album and a brave attempt to move away from the day-glo sound of it's predecessor. "Simply" is from 2001's "Bionix", the second in their projected "Art Official Intelligence" trilogy (the third one got canned when they got canned by Tommy Boy). But all of their albums right up to last year's "The Grind Date" are well worth checking out - something to spend that record token on!

Have a great Christmas and cheers for stopping by The Rally. We'll do the obligatory "best of the year" post soon!

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