Monday, December 19, 2005

run for home

Lindisfarne-Meet Me On The Corner

Music has an uncanny knack of throwing you emotional sucker punches. As I mixed it with the other Christmas shoppers last Wednesday, Lindisfarne’s- ‘Meet me on the Corner’ came on my iPOD. Instantly I’m 6 years old again, I’m with my Nana and Auntie Elsie shopping on Northumberland Street in Newcastle gazing into Fenwick’s festive window display, delirious with the prospect of going up to the Toy department. As a child you think that your Grandparents will be around forever. This song wraps a warm blanket of sentimental nostalgia around me. The harmonica and acoustic guitar sound reassuringly familiar and the chorus of rough harmonies and chugging piano invite you to join in. This takes me back and it takes me home.

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