Thursday, March 15, 2007


I used to love making tape compilations for people and one of my favourite things was putting bits of movie dialogue in between tracks. The late 80s were a golden age for weird films and TV programmes - series' like The Incredibly Strange Film Show featured films by Russ Meyer and Herschell Gordon Lewis alongside other more obscure filmmakers. I would video these and scour them for nuggets of dialogue and non-sequiturs. No, I didn't get out much. But I made a mean mix-tape.

Maybe one-day I'll get round to digitising those old C-90 tapes before they fall apart. Until then here a couple of likely tracks from a great CD I picked up years ago, The Wild Wild World of Mondo Movies Music. It features lots of trailers and bits of soundtracks recorded with a tape deck from in front of the telly.

Ah, happy days! Enjoy!

Strange Rampage Trailer (1967)

Strange Rampage by WeirdoVideo

Rocky Roberts & The Airdales - The Bird's The Word

Girl From S. I. N. Trailer (1966)

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