Monday, March 05, 2007

monkey magic

Long-time visitors to the site will remember an earlier post featuring the mighty Coconut Monkeyrocket. A recent commenter pointed out that there had been a CMR album released which I purchased straight away. I got it through the post this morning and it's magic! A whole album of crazy 1950s cocktail lounge electronica for the ADHD sufferer in your life.

The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Juicy Jungle

This is the first track and is a kind-of manic hyper-concentrated CMR track - all 50s glee-club vocals, clipped guitar riffs, bongo-frenzy percussion and a million other ideas within the first minute. Plus it has the same title as a song by The B-52s - what can go wrong?

Great stuff, I urge you to buy this from the man himself. It's the "funnest" album I've heard in yonks.

Buy - The Coconut Monkeyrocket "With Birds"
Visit - CMR website
Visit - CMR MySpace

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