Saturday, September 03, 2005

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I didn't really get on with shoe-gazing, all those undergraduates from the Thames Valley with their cathedrals of sound and shards of sepulchral majesty. The Pale Saints to me were a bit different...well they were from Leeds for a start. They were often described as an Art-Rock band and so naturally they ended up on that art-rockiest of labels, 4AD, Vaughan Oliver sleeve art and all of them trimmings. They seemed a bit less 'precious' than the likes of Ride, Slowdive and Chapterhouse, a bit quirkier...I met them once when I promoted a gig in Lancaster and they were very nice with the guitarist enthusing over his recently bought Rickenbacker guitar.

Their debut album 'Comforts of Madness' was certainly full of pretty music but there was an oddness about it which made it a lot more interesting than the 'High, Sky, Pie' that constituted the lyrical genius of Ride (strange that Oasis follow a similar dogma. 'Timethief' is a good example of their sound at this time.

The Pale Saints - Timethief

'Kinky Love' is a cover of a Nancy Sinatra song, it's not really typical of their output but it sounds lovely. I like the idea of a slightly bookish and nerdy British indie band singing such self conciously 'sexy' lyrics. It is also beautifully recorded.

The Pale Saints - Kinky Love

The Pale Saints split many years ago but 'Comforts of Madness' is still avalable.

Buy The Pale Saints- 'Comforts of Madness'

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