Monday, September 12, 2005

there is a redskin, suffering...

The Cult - Spiritwalker

Perhaps I should just sellotape the 'Kick me' sign to my jacket now! I am going to get slated for this one. Here they come riding over the plains of West Yorkshire, the Four Horsemen of the Goth Apocalypse....The Cult. Ian Astbury expressing the pain and anguish of being the only Native American brave to be born in Bradford. This is the Big rock from the Big country...should that be Big County. The Cult's rock just got bigger and bigger and they provided me with two of the best nights out ever, at Newcastle City Hall on the 'Love' tour and an evening of wonderful dumb metal after they decided to stop messing with the Goth stuff and became a proper rock band on the 'Electric' tour. That gig was at the Manchester Appollo...a real old fashioned rock venue. Did I mention the word 'rock'.

The Cult - Resurrection Joe

I honestly haven't got much to say about 'Resurrection Joe' and 'Spiritwalker', they remind me of nights of rum and black and provincial alternative nights when the delicate creatures of the night donned black to perform their serpentine dance of death to The Sisters, The Mish, The Neph etc. I was always more of a Bunnyman but I did occasionally cut a rug to this nonsense. This post is for anyone who experienced ye olde alternative discotheque c1984- deserve a medal.

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