Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pub Rock Master Works (Pt 1. Vol 1)

Mean Girl by Status Quo

0:08 A-Chinga Chinga Chinga Chinga...

0:18 Rossi starts to sing. His slightly tentative approach is echoed in the band’s overall sound. It’s as if they can’t quite believe that it can be this simple. This is the sound of a band realising that they no longer need to put on all of that psychedelic puffery that didn’t really suit them: twelve (golden) bars is all they need...

0:52 The line ‘She was a big one, I met at a gig one’, is sung for the first time.

1:13 First guitar solo starts; unflashy and taut, as the tune really starts to chug along. If your head (at least!) is not moving rhythmically back and forth at this point then you are either dead or Brian Sewell

1:54 ...after which Rossi comes in with noticeably more conviction as they all dig into the boogie riff. They have it! The career defining riff that will keep them in beer money and send their children to university (where, coincidentally, one of their children will one day meet the woman who will later become my wife).

2:37 Second solo starts. Dirty and to the point.

3:26 No...no...They can’t be ending it like tha....oh...oh. Yes they can.

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( I got it on a cheapo compilation from Asda actually).

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