Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cellarful of Noise

Despite the blatant McCartneyite revisionism The Beatles- Anthology DVD boxed set is an essntial purchase for anyone who is not in Beatle denial. One of the best bits of footage is The Beatles in the Cavern in 1962 still breaking Ringo in, playing 'Some Other Guy'.

The Beatles- Some Other Guy

What hits me about this performance is the famous backbeat, the energy and the idea that any Liverpudlian working stiff on a lunchbreak could see The Beatles, The Big Three or The Searchers stomping their winklepickers during a mid-day session....can you imagine being able to do that now?

The closest I've ever been to that is seeing The Kaisers at Sam Fays in Nottingham years ago. The Kaisers were not a tribute band but their time capsule sound was that of a pre-commercialisation Beat group c 1961/62, leather waistcoats, quiffs, Selmer amps and Burns guitars. They were a brilliant live band and I still hold one of their albums hostage from Steve.

The Kaisers- She's Gonna Two Time

The Kaisers- She's Only Doggin' Round

There's nothing vaguely original going on here but the authenticity is spot on, more importantly the raw dynamism of a good beat combo is irresistible. Are The Kaisers still out there?

Buy The Beatles Anthology DVD here
Buy The Beatles- Live at the BBC here
The Kaisers stuff is mostly unavailable but a dredge around the net might pay off
If you are forming a Beat group of your own you must have a Burns Guitar

so that's where my Kaisers CD went... these tracks sound great.

Kaisers CDs can be bought here. Hey! there's even a Kaisers DVD.

There's a good discography here and an interview here.

By the way, an import copy of "Beat It Up!" (where these tracks are from) is going on Amazon for £214...

can I have my CD back, please?! 

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