Friday, August 18, 2006

the doktor will see you now

Tomaytoe, Tomartoe; Daddy or Chips; Jazz or Heavy Metal. These debates have raged throughout history. Thank heaven for visionaries like Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds to tackle these issue head on.

Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds - I Don't Like Heavy Metal
Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds - I Don't Like The Jazz (I Like Heavy Metal)

It's a complex arena that he works in. But it's not all cerebral chin-stroking. Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds is not afraid to confront the world of the flesh. Men want to be him, women want to be with him.

Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds - Dr In XXX Shocker

The Doktor speaks:
the doktor is the documentation of the fall of the second great western empire. The doktor is laptop/guitar/casio mt-68/words. the doktor is reflection of the wonderful talented friends that is very fortunate to have around him. the doktor is captialist and anti-captialist, political and apolitical. the doktor will record three albums and then matter what happens.
Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds is currently appearing at the Edinburgh festival - check his MySpace for details and go see!

Download - Doktor Coca-Cola McDonalds Sells Out from Artists Against Success. His second album is allegedly imminent?
Befriend - Dr Coca-Cola McDonalds on MySpace


Hooray for big sweaty roadies the world over 

Nice one. I bought his second album last June if that's imminent enough for you. :P

cheers john - domino rally with it's finger on the pulse as always.

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