Monday, April 11, 2005

i'm charging you vis murder

Propaganda- The Murder Of Love

In the Eighties it was okay to be a pretentious pop star ....not just normal 'Damon Albarn' pretentious but really, really pretentious. Even Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran had a book of his Polaroids published... which weren't as good as David Sylvian's!

The most pretentious label of the mid-eighties had to be Paul Morley's ZTT. They even managed to peddle Frankie Goes To Hollywood as an art-rock happening rather than a bunch of scallies and their gay chums.

'A Secret Wish' by Propaganda summed up the ZTT thing. A neurotic, slightly pervy art-Abba, Propaganda were classically trained, po-faced and intoned heavy stuff in German. I loved their album 'A Secret Wish' as I thought it made me seem ever so tasteful and black-polo-necked rather than bleached and mulleted like my Paul Calf-ish classmates....and the wonder is that my head remained resolutely un-kicked in!

'Murder of Love' sums up the Propaganda experience, all Germ- Lish, sweeping synths and a production that probably cost millions.

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