Saturday, April 16, 2005

the guitar face

The Isley Brothers- Who loves you better

In Johnny Domino we often use the 'guitar face', the wide variety of gurns, grimaces and pouts employed by guitarists as they are sent into orbit by their axe-manship. Steve Domino is a particularly fine exponent of the 'guitar face'.

This track by the Isley Brothers provides huge scope for guitar gurning. By the mid-70's the Isleys were a soul/funk show band who dressed in high pimp fashion. Ernie Isley is rockin' his axe through some kind of filter, probably a Q-tron, it sounds well dirty.

We all eventually turn into our Dads, I accept this but I never expected my CD collection to start resembling my Dads so closely. He would play The Isley Brothers on Sunday mornings through his 'hi-fi' and funk his thang.

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