Sunday, April 17, 2005

i'm so green

Al Green - L-O-V-E (love)

The first line gets me every time:

“I started to write this song about you, and then I decided, that I would write it all about love... “
In 1975 Al Green was a troubled man. Not yet 'the reverend’ and with a head full of spiritual turmoil he recorded ‘Is Love’, a flawed and difficult album that did nothing to bring his career out of decline.

But since buying it on a whim years ago, this album has seen me through. From directionless late twenties to respectable(?) family man, it still holds a mysterious appeal to me.

How could it not?

It’s ‘make out music’ with a side order if existential angst. It’s the sound of an internal wrestling match between with the sacred and the secular sides of love. It’s life affirming stuff...
...and when Al sings you can actually hear his SOUL.

Buy Al Green Is Love

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