Sunday, April 24, 2005

the grunge hollies

The Posies - I May Hate You Sometimes

The Posies are as musically orthodox as Throwing Muses were musically unorthodox. In the grand tradition of The Byrds, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub they write big shiny pop songs on big shiny guitars and I love them for that.

'I may hate you sometimes' is from their first album, Failure, made as a couple of teenagers in Jon Auer's Dad's basement (how cutely American!) I love the harmonies and that thrumming McCartney- esque bass.

The Posies - Solar Sister 

By the time 'Frosting on the Beater' was released in 1993 Grunge was making its presence felt and being a Seattle band The Posies had absorbed the influence while staying true to the big pop.

The Posies seem to be a going concern today, I saw them play an acoustic set a few years ago with a brilliant version of Thirteen by Big Star, they back Alex Chilton whenever he breaks cover and Ken Stringfellow plays in REM's touring band. The Posies are a great band whenever you want the musical equivalent of comfort food!

Buy 'Frosting on the Beater' here
Buy 'Failure' here

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