Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Gary Byrd & The GB Experience (feat. Stevie Wonder) – The Crown

A quick post for a VERY long track (10 minutes plus of Old Skool Hip Hop Edutainment).

I have mixed feelings about Stevie Wonder releasing a new record. Being the dictionary definition of “Musical Genius” only gets you so far at Domino Towers – Mr Wonder has got a lot of ill- thought-out collaborations to make up for...

But I haven’t heard it yet and in my heart of hearts I want it to be across between “All Day Sucker”, “Superstition” and all of “Innervisions”. Actually, if it’s half as good as anything he did from 1971-1974, that’ll be just grand.

“The Crown”, along with “The Message”, was one of the first rap songs I ever heard. Am I imagining it, or does this sound like a forebear of Native Tongues rapping (De La, A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers etc)? It’s really Gary Byrd’s tune – he wrote the lyrics for a few songs on “Songs in the Key of Life” - 'Village Ghetto Land ', in particular.

Whenever I hear “The Crown” it always makes me think of the Summer of 1983 – I’m 10 years old playing in my mate David Boultbee’s garden whilst listening to a tape of the charts (does anyone tape the charts anymore?). It was really hot so we were playing a game that basically involved sticking our heads in buckets of ice-cold water. It was great.

If anybody knows how to get hold of a copy of “The Crown” on CD, please let us know! This mp3 is ripped from my vinyl copy of "Chart Hits '83".

And if anybody has any extra info about Gary Byrd that would be great too.

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