Friday, May 06, 2005

this is pop

XTC - Grass

So as we enter May and all around is mellow fruifulness what better way to greet the month than with XTC, Swindon's finest purveyors of pastoral psychedelia. Here is a band with not one but two great songwriters, Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding.

General Elections seem bring out all that is bad about the English condition, narrow mindedness, inability to recognise we are no longer a great power and fear of the unknown. XTC's Englishness is warm, mildly eccentric and slyly humorous. I hear echoes of The Beatles and The Kinks in their songs but they articulate the small town/rural experience without resorting to any 'hey nonny nonny'. I recognise their world and feel comfortable in it.

If you want quirky and jerky go for their first 3 albums, if you want to hear a band at ease with its influences and revelling in the wonders of small things then get any album from 'The Black Sea' onwards. One more thing...can we have a new album please?

XTC - Ladybird

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