Monday, August 01, 2005

a group of two

Johnny Domino - New Pink Shirt
Johnny Domino - Forever In Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond cover)
Johnny Domino has just released a free download album called "The Best Of The Shithouse Masters" - these two tracks are taken from it. The album has 22 tracks; over 77 minutes of lo-fi pop and a couple of cheeky cover versions.

Download the whole thing here.

The Shithouse Masters is the name we give to the 100+ songs Johnny Domino recorded between 1993 and 1998. The 22 tracks available to download are what I think are the best songs from that period.

I love these recordings. I'm really proud of the songs and the quality of the sounds we managed to get out a humble 4-track cassette machine. The limitations imposed by only having 4 tracks to record on, the dodgy equipment we had and the fact that most of the time it was just Ox and myself made us really think about what was necessary to the songs - the way of working has really informed the way we record today, I think.

I'd love to know what people think of these songs.

By the way, the image above is taken from a fantastically bad book Oxbow bought for me called "Rock Talk" by Julian Colbeck. The next page in the book is a sheet of lyrics by Out To Lunch (permanent residents of the "where-are-they-now" file) - if you're really good (or if I get enough requests in the comments box), I'll post the page.

Download The Best Of The Shithouse Masters
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