Tuesday, August 23, 2005

who told you life is fair?

I have been flicking though my much neglected copy of tvbo Dean Friedman (a gift from co- workers when I left a job at a not very cool record shop), Some of it strikes me as really AWFUL, but there are songs on it that I suddenly just can’t stop listening to.

Sometimes, ‘route one’ is the best way to get the emotional message across. Dumb can be good. Picture the scene - our hero is alone in his flat in the middle of the afternoon, he lies there in four day old underwear with the curtains drawn. Numerous empty takeaway food and drink containers and snapshot photos litter the floor. She has gone and you could say he is taking it a little hard...

Dean Friedman - Woman of Mine

It’s amazing how the human spirit will eventually recover from what seem to be of the lowest of lows. Anything could trigger the upturn of mood; a phone call from a friend, a walk in the park, a cheese sandwich, the sound of an electric piano, a talking piece of furniture, anything!...

Dean Friedman - Rocking Chair

Friedman’s unmistakable voice gets to me in a good way. His song ideas are quirky (sometimes just weird an crap) so he was never really that successful in the great scheme of things. He was kind of weird looking too.

However a look at his web site reveals a guy who is still doing still doing interesting stuff - check out the flash animation “Four More Years’ and the comic story ‘Earl the Squirrel’. I might go ands see him when he tours later this year. He’s doing his own thing creatively, and he’s got an audience. Respect to the Friedman! He is a spiritual brother of the Domino.

The ‘very best of’ album I have is not currently available, but this cd has it all on

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