Thursday, August 11, 2005

frank's firm favourites

Oh to be in the UK in the 80's. A time when you could turn on the telly and be entertained by a man fom the North playing a ukelele wearing a paper mache head. It was a simple time, a time of right and wrong, 'fantastic' or 'bobbins'.

Frank Sidebottom - Anarchy In The UK

Frank really gets to the heart of what Anarchy is here. Especially on the bit about his mum. Grrr!

Frank Sidebottom - Popular Medley

*adopts Jimmy Saville voice* - there may be a prize (of some sort, not thought it through yet) for the person who can correctly identify all of the songs in this medley. Artist and CORRECT song title, please - entries in the comment box.

Frank was great at medleys like this one from his "... salutes the magic of Freddie Mercury And Queen" single. No prizes for this, just enjoy Little Frank's guitar playing - magic.

Frank Sidebottom - Everybody (Loves to) Sing Queen

I don't trust people that don't like Queen, same as I think twice about having conversations with people that don't like The Beatles - like people that shave off their sideburns, I just don't understand them.

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