Friday, April 14, 2006

Gooba gooba gooba gooba

Since my dear brother finally came round last weekend to show me how to turn vinyl into mp3’s I have been carefully considering doing this post. I’ve been adding to this blogg thing (on and off) for a while now, so I feel I can trust you, whoever you are. The time has come to share with you one of my deepest joys. This is not just a record ‘I quite like’; these are quite simply some of the most treasured sounds I have at my disposal. For example...

Don’t You Just Know It - Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and The Clowns

Well ok, actually I am in a particularly weird mood due to this crappy virus I can’t shake off but this is a record that has seen me through some tough times, including this one. It’s called ‘A History of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues (Volume1 1950-1958)’, put out by Rhino Records in 1987. I guess some of, if not all of the songs on it can now be obtained on compilation cd’s if you look hard enough. Folks used to love this stuff, and man, I can understand why.

Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and his Clowns certainly do the job for me on that last track, but if I’m in a particularly bad way I may need to turn to this little blast of joy...

Feels So Good - Shirley and Lee

So, can anyone actually tell me what is going on with Shirley’s voice there? It sounds simultaneously sharp AND flat to me. I used to have a theory that Shirley must have been going out with someone really important to get this gig; and suppose you could feel a little sorry for Lee. However it turns out that Shirley’s career endured right up to the disco age, so there you go.

Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry was a bona fide one hit wonder with this next one. He is still playing live regularly in New Orleans where he lives to this day. His home was damaged by Katrina but he was not injured.

On occasions when I really am not worth talking to and I’m neck deep in self pity and introspection, all two minutes and fourteen seconds of this track, more often than not, provide a chink of light to run towards. It stupid, but it’s brilliant...

Ain’t Got No Home - Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry

Really hope you like this stuff!

Buy the best of Clarence “Frogman’ Henry

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stevedominio - "welcome back, brother!

glorious selection - these are all fantastic. wasn't the clarence 'frogman' henry used in 'the lost boys'? that makes it great on two levels! beautiful.

these have an uncanny knack to fill you with good vibes. if you don't like these, you truly are a joyless f**ker."

london lee - "Shirley recorded the disco-funk classic "Shame Shame Shame" under the name Shirley & Company."

marc-o - "I will join in with the mutual back slapping, great stuff. Even Amazulu couldn't make a mess of 'Don't you just know it'."

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