Thursday, April 27, 2006

power pop masterclass vol. 1

What is Power pop? The Beatles translated through a transatlantic accent? Pop music but a bit more raucous? I don't really know without consulting Wiki but to me most artists tarred with the Power pop brush combine the melody and structure of Pop with the urgency of Rock. Whatever it is, I like it and Yanks seem to do it best. Let's Active's 'Every word means no' starts with a crisp guitar riff, two snare beats and you're in, Mitch Easter gives us the chorus within 30 seconds, textbook!

Let's Active- Every word means no

Jason Falkner turns up on loads of other people's records, including Fab Maccas. He is a powerpop wunderkind and multi-instrumentalist. 'Follow Me' is fuzz-toned pop majesty in action.

Jason Falkner- Follow Me

One artist that Jason Falkner has worked with a lot is Jack White's current sidekick in The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson. His second album 'Lapalco' is a real treat for anyone who grins daftly when their chorus and middle eight come when they most expect it.

Brendan Benson- Folk Singer

Whether this stuff can really fill The Beatle's boots is debatable....alright it doesn't but they seem to be having fun trying.

Buy 'Cypress/Afoot' by Let's Active

Buy 'Lapalco' by Brendan Benson

Buy 'Author Unknown' by Jason Falkner

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