Thursday, April 06, 2006

the stalin of pop

Here in Domino-land we are generally at ease with our musical past, I'm sure there are things we rather were heard than others but generally it's all out there, hence 'The Shithouse Masters'.

Bobby Gillespie is obviously a little less comfortable with his recording history. In the recent Primal Scream 'Best Of' there was no evidence that the 'Scream had once been a Byrds and Love fixated band of sixties freaks. Their early singles and that 'difficult' first album 'Sonic Flower Groove' are usually dismissed as too fey but their behaviour and intentions at that time were anything but. Sugar-coated, sure but poisonous in intent. Perhaps Gillespie took the criticism to heart... a shame when you have a Rickenbacker 12 played as well as on this....

Primal Scream- Sonic Sister Love

The band just didn't have the chops to realise the sound they were after so several producers including Stephen Street and Langer and Winstanley had a go at cooking a decent 60's influenced guitar record out of them. Stolen master tapes and multiple band member sackings all probably made it a miserable experience for all concerned, maybe this is the reason why Gillespie has purged it. The Stone Roses took the template and made it a cohesive reality on their debut album. I have a big soft spot for 'Sonic Flower Groove', it doesn't hang together, side two is weak and the vocals are very hit and miss but for me 'Imperial' really flies, it has a real celtic lilt and the fade out rocks.

Primal Scream- Imperial

What were they thinking with that cover photo?

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