Friday, April 21, 2006

mc black'n'decker

Released in 1989 on Def Jam, "The Cactus Album" by 3rd Bass is a great example of post-De-la-Soul hip hop.

I always wondered why "Sons of 3rd Bass" was so down on the Beastie Boys. According to Wikipedia, it wasn't just that 3rd Bass signed to Def Jam shortly after the Beasties had acrimoniously ditched the label. Apparently, prior to joining 3rd Bass, MC Serch auditioned for the Beasties, too.

3rd Bass - Sons of 3rd Bass

The Beastie Boys got their own back on their track "Professor Booty". Lines like "dancing around like you think you're Janet Jackson" were targeted at MC Serch, who if I remember rightly, had a touch of the MC Hammer's about his dancing. He also had a thing for excessively baggy trousers, too.

3rd Bass - Product of the Environment

"The Cactus Album" features production from Sam Sever, Prince Paul, and the Bomb Squad - even if the rhymes might seem a bit dated, it still sounds great to me. They followed it up with "Derelicts of Dialect", which I know Jim is a big fan of.

This is for 'coryt' who left a comment in the post domino rally hot 100 requesting this great track, which was originally posted last May. It's a pleasure!

Gary Byrd & The GB Experience (feat. Stevie Wonder) - The Crown

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