Wednesday, May 10, 2006

frank zappa - king kong (1968)

Been a bit quiet 'round the rally of late, so I thought I'd share this gem that Ox sent to me with the following instructions:

Watch all of THIS
without interuption,
all the way to the end

Enjoy - it's a great performance and a good example of Reithian principles of public service broadcasting - to educate, inform and entertain (or summat).

Do not adjust your set - normal service will resume soon!

Visit -



just watched this AGAIN.

Damn it's good!
the intro
the bed
'consult a psyciatrist'
the horn solo
the build to the guitar solo
the lead tambourine playing



This is WAY better than Peter Jackson's remake, and a good deal shorter too...

The bed is a great touch.

Actually, I must confess that I haven't seen Peter Jackson's remake, but this just has to be better!!! "

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