Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?

Christmas 1980 and all the way from Canada Santa brings me 'Permanent Waves' by Rush. Imagine my parents joy as the cosy festivities are accompanied by interminable slices of techno rock and Geddy Lee's truly bizarre voice. By 1980 metal and prog bands were feeling the backlash of Punk and New Wave. Many decided to weather the storm by paying it no heed, a few rolled with the punches. Rush didn't compromise their awesome chops and ability to take us on a (long) musical journey. They did incorporate the sleek modern sounds of those new fangled synths to complement their double necked guitars. Geddy Lee resembled a tap dancing octopus as he dealt with vocals, bass, synths and Moog Taurus footpedals. Freewill is typical of 'Permanent Waves', I love it, the earnest 'We've read some philosophy' lyrics, the high energy riffing, Neil Peart's falling down the stairs drumfills and best of all at 3.04 Geddy's bass solo followed by an Alex Lifeson solo that'll have yer eyes out. In a nutshell that's the great thing about this music, it brings the easily impressed 12 year old out in you. It's not big or clever but then neither are most 12 year olds....hurrah.

Rush- Freewill

Visit Rush apparently they are lovely chaps

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