Friday, May 19, 2006

it’s kind of level but its wavy

What's this? New (or at least contemporary) music on Domino Rally? Well I never...

I'm sure that all the cool kids will have been blogging this lot with a vengeance for yonks. But we've never been cool and, while we're not quite New Music For Middle-Aged Men, it's been some time since any of us were kids. So here are The Spinto Band.

The Spinto Band - Brown Boxes

The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy

The influences are pretty obvious - Flaming Lips, Pavement, Talking Heads, XTC, etc - but so what? They've been listening to the good stuff, at least!

This album came out in the UK earlier this year but I didn't catch up with them until they did these two tracks on Jools Holland's TV show earlier this month, which means I missed out on their recent tour - maybe next time.

Look - it's undemanding pop music and like I said, the influences are fairly obvious. But this album cheered me up no end last night - some great tunes with cool lyrics and an infectiously energetic approach to song writing. Everyone loves a kazoo, right?

However, I do worry that, in "Oh Mandy", they've created a rod for their own backs - that song is so good. What d'you think?

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