Saturday, May 13, 2006

you've got a friend

Not a whole lot to say about this track other than LISTEN.

Don't know where you are but it's been hotter than a snakes' ass for the last couple of days in Domino-Land. Looks set to turn for the worse so enjoy this beautiful bit of laid-back soul.

"Donny Hathaway Live" was something I'd heard about as being one of THE best live albums ever and it doesn't disappoint in any way, it's an incredible album. A supremely funky band knock out 100% quality music, all killer no filler, recorded over two nights in 1971. The really amazing thing about the album is the audience, who sound like they're having the best night of their lives and probably are. There are two classic bits - THE BEST soul-clap ever on a 13 minute take of "The Ghetto", and the backing vocals on this version of Carole King's "You've Got A Friend".

Donny Hathaway - You've Got A Friend (live)

Listen to this at volume and if it doesn't soothe away your troubles and get you ready for the weekend, then there's no hope for you. Listen to it again!

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Buy - for goodness' sake do yourself a favour and buy "Donny Hathaway Live"!

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