Monday, May 29, 2006

the sincerest form of flattery

'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' by Belle and Sebastian has slyly crept up to become one of my favourite albums. I resisted Belle and Sebastian for a long time, all too hushed, bookish and a bit samey (not usually things that put me off but for some reason I just couldn't get on with them). A lot of their long time fans were a bit troubled by the idea of their favourite Scottish intellectuals being produced by the King of 80's thunderous synth bass, Trevor Horn. I think it worked a treat, with Horn bringing out their melodic sense while staying true to their low key sound. 'I'm a Cuckoo' is a joy with its lyrical and musical references to the great Thin Lizzy.

I'm a Cuckoo- Belle and Sebastian

I love the idea of this uber-Indie band playing with the harmony guitars and ringing chords that typify a Lizzy song while staying recognisably Belle and Sebastian, it's playful but reverential, as the mighty Phil Lynott deserves. I think he might have winked if he heard it.

Don't Believe a Word- Thin Lizzy

Most B and S fans are obsessed with the band, I think in the future they will occupy similar territory to The Beautiful South bringing knowing, clever music to 'nice' people. Feel free to disagree. Check out YouTube for their video for 'Step into my office, baby' which is a great tribute to Robin Askwith movies....phwoar!

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